Monday, July 16, 2012

Joseph is losing hope.......

One week ago, I woke up to the exciting news: Philip's ( an older boy at SFCV) family received travel approval, meaning that they will be able to pick up their son in about 2-3 weeks. I was so excited all morning and couldn't wait to be there when he found out for the first time that he had a family.

I pushed Philip to the visitor/staff inn where the adoption liaison gave him a family album to tell about his forever family. There were so many visitors watching this special event that I couldn't believe how many cameras were flashing to capture this precious moment. It was so exciting that I was just smiling through the whole event. Could you image being a 13 year old orphan and finding out there is a family that wants you?

As I was watching Philip gleam over every photo of his family, I noticed a boy looking through the window of the inn..... 

It was Joseph.

I immediately jumped out of my seat and rushed outside to Joseph peering through the window. SFCV desires for the orphan to hear about their forever family alone rather than having other orphans around them during this special time. I tried to distract Joseph and said:
" Come on Joseph, let's go home!"
"Where's Philip?"
"He is busy. Let's just go home."
"What is Philip doing?"
 "You will see Philip soon but you need to go home Joseph."

"He has a family."

The bantering went on for a while but once he said that comment, it felt like a knife went through my heart. I couldn't even say yes, I just nodded my head.

Then started the longest walk to his house. Since I have been here, I have usually been the one to walk Joseph to his home because he always asks me. He likes to hold my hand and jokingly tells me he doesn't want to go home.
This walk was however different. I first had to gently push him to the direction of his house and keep focus on going home rather than thinking about his good friend leaving him. Joseph didn't want to hold my hand and even though he didn't talk through the whole walk, I knew he was hurting inside.

My friend has even told me that Joseph has said:

" I have given up hope of ever having a family."
" Who am I going to play with when Philip leaves?"

-Please lift up Joseph to the Father. Even though he has given up hope of ever having a family, the Father has not and will never!!!!! :)
-Also lift up the transition phase of Joseph losing another friend at SFCV.
-And lastly, please lift up Joseph's forever family wherever they may be. Pr*y the Father would reveal to them that Joseph belongs to their family.

 This is Joseph, myself, Philip, and another intern Mari.


  1. Heart is breaking for Joseph... praying that Joseph would find peace in where ever God leads him! And trusting in God's sovereignty over his life. Praying that a family would come soon! SOON!

  2. Pr*y that thie enemyis bound up during this time. Pr*y his forever family is not confused by circumstances as God, our Father, is NOT the author of confusion. He is a G*d of peace and provision. He has already figured it out. When called, we are just asked to step. The israelites had to get their feet into the water before the water parted. May they step and get their feet wet trusting that He already has it all figured out!

  3. Ah, gosh. I knew it was gonna be a bummer but I didn't know it would be like this. I love that kid, it kills me to think of him hurting like that. I'll definitely be lifting Joseph up a bunch. Maybe he doesn't believe it but there is really hope for him, more than he can imagine. The Big Guy is a Father to the fatherless, he puts orphans in families. I'm asking that He'll do that for Joseph (and that the family will live in Spokane!)

    1. Kyle, Is Phillip your son, and do you live in Spokane? We live in Spokane. I don't really know the background, but I have looked at Joseph's face for it seems years, and when I read this post, I felt something different and strong about him. We just came home 2 months ago with our 11 year old son, and we reused our dossier already for that adoption, but I feel like I need to do something. I'm hoping Sherry's family can go get him, but if not, I hope to figure out why such strong feelings, and help find him a family...

  4. Lifting up Joseph to the Father here in Indiana. My heart hurts reading about his reaction and what he must be feeling.

  5. Can someone please email me about Joseph. My family is awaiting LOA for our waiting 10 yr son. This is our first adoption, but we are praying about the "possibility" of adding an aging out boy to our family as well. We'd have to have our HS ammended and submit supp 3 to USCIS, but if it is in God's will it can happen. We'd also need God's provision for the finances. Joseph's heart condition kinda worries us too, but again God is a BIG God. I would really appreciate someone talking to us about him and his health needs, and don't know who to contact... Thank you & May God's will for Joseph shine thru.
    Sherry & family

    1. I realized I forgot to list my email address in my previous post... oops!