Sunday, June 24, 2012

Increasing the chances for Joseph

A couple of days ago while I was in Joseph and Grady's room, Joseph came in and shouted: " I'm going home!"

At first, I was very puzzled as I would be the first to know if Joseph had any sort of family. I then realized he was referring to his orphanage. I told him he couldn't leave me and then he told me: " I will be back."

Joseph and his friend Moses (11 years) will be spending the day (6/25/12)at their orphanage. The orphanage is hosting a day where different adoption agencies will come to see what older orphans still need to be adopted before their deadline of becoming 14 years old. The agencies' goal for this will be to bring awareness of these kids, which will hopefully increase their chances of being adopted.

Please keep this event in your pr*yers. It would be such a praise to see if this event would help both Joseph and Moses find their forever families!!!! :)

Thanks for being an awesome "Joseph fan club!"

Friday, June 22, 2012

Joseph the curious teenage boy

Guess who will see this boy everyday for a little over seven weeks???

It's me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

I am back at SFCV for the summer with my friend Mari which means lots of time spending with the kiddos especially Joseph. Since I am in China, I will try and write more about him for all of you who are a part of his "fan club."

Tonight's story is about Joseph well being a thirteen year old boy. Today we had the Indiana and Ohio visitors throw a Hawaiian luau party for the kids. They prepared a fabulous dinner, sang songs, and spent some time to play with the older kids
As everyone was outside enjoying the party, I was noticing some of the visitors in the dinning area. Being my curious self, I decided to enter into the dinning area when........I saw Joseph playing drums. (Just to clarify, there are stairs in the dinning area leading to an open attic area with drums and also a workout area.)
I (being one of the many big sisters he has in the village) yelled at him to stop playing the drums since first of all he was suppose to be outside where all the adults were rather than going off on his own. He stopped his playing as a visitor was coming up to him as well and slowly went down the stairs with his little friend Henry. Henry was smiling about the whole situation but I could tell in Joseph's face, he knew what he did. I explained to him not to do it again and I had him apologize to me. He said sorry and went off to where the other kids were playing.

I wanted to share with you all this side of Joseph because you don't hear of it as much. Many of you have heard of Joseph and his love for bikes or his desire to have family affection but there is also the realization that Joseph is a curious teenage boy. He can sometimes wander and do things he probably should not be doing.

That is why my pr@yer for Joseph tonight is that His forever family will take in all his good qualities with the bad curious ones too.

 I'm not trying to say in this post that Joseph is not a sweet boy.I'm just saying he has a lot of growing up to do :)

11 more months until he won't be able to be adopted!!! Keep pr@ying for a miracle!!!