Friday, March 2, 2012

Time is ticking away......... so hurry up adoption agency!! :)

Joseph and his friend Philip. Philip is around Joseph's age and is matched with a family!!! If you would like to hear more about Philip's adoption, check out

Even though there is a family interested in Joseph, there is still not a whole lot of time to complete the beginning stages of adoption paper work! The family has requested for continuing prayer over filling out all the adoption paper work. Pray that people they are collecting all the info from would be timely in getting back with them and understand the importance of getting this done as quickly as possible.

If the Lord wants this family to be Joseph's forever family, HE will make a way.
God bless!

*Side note: Couple of followers have asked me if they can give money to Joseph's adoption fund. Once the family has been given PA to adopt Joseph, they will be setting up a website along with a pay pal for donations.