Friday, July 27, 2012

A family wants Joseph.

Last night, I stayed up until 2am.

Yes.......... 2am.

It was pretty crazy for me to do this especially since I had my therapy session with an SFCV autistic boy at 8:30am the following morning along with a full day of therapy.

It was worth it though because I found out that:

I have been hearing this statement the whole day and still can't believe it. Did God really answer our prayers about Joseph? He really will have the opportunity to have the love from a family?
 God is so good!!!!!

Now prayer warriors, are you ready for what's next? Ready to pray or support?

-The family is in need of $2,500 after they receive Pre-approval (approved by China to adopt) to pay their agency in processing Joseph's adoption. They are hoping to have the PA soon which means
 They need $2,500 in 5-7 days!! Pray PA will come soon and that they will have all the money to continue on with the adoption process. (If you would like to contribute to supporting this adoption, please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link.)
-Pray for Joseph's heart both physically to stay strong until his family (I LOVE saying this) comes to SFCV and emotionally as Joseph will see Philip (his BFF) leave on Sunday.
-Joseph will not know about his family until they receive the last part of the adoption process so please pray he will keep hope alive of having the chance of a family. I was telling him today how important it to keep praying for a family.

*Note: Joseph's family has give him the name Kai Joseph. In PayPal, you will be contributing to "Help Kai now by adventure 4 eli."

 If you want to contribute to the $2,500, please go to this PayPal link:
If you want to contribute to the travel and orphanage fee, please go to Reece's Rainbow Adoption Ministry link:

Thank you. We all appreciate you being so willing to pray for this sweet boy and contribute to having the opportunity of being loved by a family.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

HE will give Joseph a family.

 Before I continue with another post, I want to thank you all for your pr@yers. Prayer seems so simple yet it can cause such a power miracle if the L@rd allows to fulfill it.
I know from previous experience as my 23 year old cousin just survived a cardiac arrest.  Now 2 1/2 weeks later, he is at home, living it up with his brother, parents, and friends.
A modern day miracle, PTL!

 Now back to Joseph, I have had some doubts whether he would ever be adopted. What if he won't be able to have the love of a mother, discipline of a father, or the friendship of a sibling? After hearing about my cousin though and the miracle G demonstrated, my faith increased for the hope that Joseph would have a family. 

After my latest post, a family has expressed interest in TRYING to adopt Joseph. They are paper ready and want to add Joseph into their adoption process as well as another 10 year old boy that they are currently in the process of adopting. Can you imagine Joseph with a little brother who is from China as well??? I totally can! :)

I want to share this with you all not to stop pr@ying for Joseph but to CONTINUE to pr@y for him. We do not know if this family is his family but we can keep them in our pr@yers as they seek wisdom from the L@rd. Also, If you are interested in helping with Joseph's future family adoption process, please check out

Thank you all again for expressing interest in Joseph. He has been doing better this week. He is spending all his time with Philip and I must say, they are hilarious together. Please also remember to pr@y for Joseph as Philip will leave this Sunday as well.

If the L@rd can heal my cousin from a cardiac arrest, HE WILL GIVE JOSEPH A FAMILY :)
1 Thessalonians 5:17

Monday, July 16, 2012

Joseph is losing hope.......

One week ago, I woke up to the exciting news: Philip's ( an older boy at SFCV) family received travel approval, meaning that they will be able to pick up their son in about 2-3 weeks. I was so excited all morning and couldn't wait to be there when he found out for the first time that he had a family.

I pushed Philip to the visitor/staff inn where the adoption liaison gave him a family album to tell about his forever family. There were so many visitors watching this special event that I couldn't believe how many cameras were flashing to capture this precious moment. It was so exciting that I was just smiling through the whole event. Could you image being a 13 year old orphan and finding out there is a family that wants you?

As I was watching Philip gleam over every photo of his family, I noticed a boy looking through the window of the inn..... 

It was Joseph.

I immediately jumped out of my seat and rushed outside to Joseph peering through the window. SFCV desires for the orphan to hear about their forever family alone rather than having other orphans around them during this special time. I tried to distract Joseph and said:
" Come on Joseph, let's go home!"
"Where's Philip?"
"He is busy. Let's just go home."
"What is Philip doing?"
 "You will see Philip soon but you need to go home Joseph."

"He has a family."

The bantering went on for a while but once he said that comment, it felt like a knife went through my heart. I couldn't even say yes, I just nodded my head.

Then started the longest walk to his house. Since I have been here, I have usually been the one to walk Joseph to his home because he always asks me. He likes to hold my hand and jokingly tells me he doesn't want to go home.
This walk was however different. I first had to gently push him to the direction of his house and keep focus on going home rather than thinking about his good friend leaving him. Joseph didn't want to hold my hand and even though he didn't talk through the whole walk, I knew he was hurting inside.

My friend has even told me that Joseph has said:

" I have given up hope of ever having a family."
" Who am I going to play with when Philip leaves?"

-Please lift up Joseph to the Father. Even though he has given up hope of ever having a family, the Father has not and will never!!!!! :)
-Also lift up the transition phase of Joseph losing another friend at SFCV.
-And lastly, please lift up Joseph's forever family wherever they may be. Pr*y the Father would reveal to them that Joseph belongs to their family.

 This is Joseph, myself, Philip, and another intern Mari.