Friday, July 27, 2012

A family wants Joseph.

Last night, I stayed up until 2am.

Yes.......... 2am.

It was pretty crazy for me to do this especially since I had my therapy session with an SFCV autistic boy at 8:30am the following morning along with a full day of therapy.

It was worth it though because I found out that:

I have been hearing this statement the whole day and still can't believe it. Did God really answer our prayers about Joseph? He really will have the opportunity to have the love from a family?
 God is so good!!!!!

Now prayer warriors, are you ready for what's next? Ready to pray or support?

-The family is in need of $2,500 after they receive Pre-approval (approved by China to adopt) to pay their agency in processing Joseph's adoption. They are hoping to have the PA soon which means
 They need $2,500 in 5-7 days!! Pray PA will come soon and that they will have all the money to continue on with the adoption process. (If you would like to contribute to supporting this adoption, please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the link.)
-Pray for Joseph's heart both physically to stay strong until his family (I LOVE saying this) comes to SFCV and emotionally as Joseph will see Philip (his BFF) leave on Sunday.
-Joseph will not know about his family until they receive the last part of the adoption process so please pray he will keep hope alive of having the chance of a family. I was telling him today how important it to keep praying for a family.

*Note: Joseph's family has give him the name Kai Joseph. In PayPal, you will be contributing to "Help Kai now by adventure 4 eli."

 If you want to contribute to the $2,500, please go to this PayPal link:
If you want to contribute to the travel and orphanage fee, please go to Reece's Rainbow Adoption Ministry link:

Thank you. We all appreciate you being so willing to pray for this sweet boy and contribute to having the opportunity of being loved by a family.


  1. I am beyond excited!!! Friends for years with Joseph's new family and adoptive mama myself of 2 sweet boys! I have to say how awesome this blog is and how wonderful that yall have been advocating for this sweet boy for so long! :) I know he heart of an advocate well! Thank you so much for all you have done for Kai Joseph! :)

  2. Rejoicing for Joseph!!! I've been missing the kids these last few days -- we loved our time at SF. :-)