Sunday, June 24, 2012

Increasing the chances for Joseph

A couple of days ago while I was in Joseph and Grady's room, Joseph came in and shouted: " I'm going home!"

At first, I was very puzzled as I would be the first to know if Joseph had any sort of family. I then realized he was referring to his orphanage. I told him he couldn't leave me and then he told me: " I will be back."

Joseph and his friend Moses (11 years) will be spending the day (6/25/12)at their orphanage. The orphanage is hosting a day where different adoption agencies will come to see what older orphans still need to be adopted before their deadline of becoming 14 years old. The agencies' goal for this will be to bring awareness of these kids, which will hopefully increase their chances of being adopted.

Please keep this event in your pr*yers. It would be such a praise to see if this event would help both Joseph and Moses find their forever families!!!! :)

Thanks for being an awesome "Joseph fan club!"

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