Sunday, April 8, 2012

Joseph has a family.

Happy Easter all!

It is time for another update on Joseph's adoption process. (I seriously can't believe I typed that. There is a family who desires Joseph to be their son!! So exciting! Thank you Jesus!!!!)

(The family would like to remain nameless until they receive approval from China to adopt Joseph)

So as stated before,  the family has not yet received approval from China to adopt Joseph. They are working hard with their adoption agency for the approval before Joseph's birthday which is in May. The agency is telling them a home study would give them a better chance to receive approval to continue with the adoption process. After the home study is completed, they are hoping that will give them the opportunity to continue on with the adoption process.

Here is where you all come in, 
The home study will cost about $2,000; home study fee is $1,800 (Two $900 payments), Hague online training is $179, and FBI fingerprinting $43. The home study has been scheduled for April 16th plus having the $900 payment in hand. As of right now, the family does not have $900 but they are trusting that the Lord will provide.
I have been telling the family all about "Joseph's fan club." They are so overwhelmed by the amount of encouragement you all have shown them. They are so appreciative of you all! Keep it up! :)
There are many of you who have been praying for Joseph to receive a family. Once the family came out to state they were pursing to adopt Joseph, many of you asked me if there was any way you can support them financially.
Well now you can, here are two ways of donating,
If you would like to send some money via snail mail. Please email me at There I will send you their mailing address to do so.
If you would like to donate online, check out their blog spot If you do donate online, I would also like for you to please email me with your name and address so I can keep the family updates about the money coming in.

After the family receives the approval from China, they will continue on with the updates of the adoption process and ways for you all to be praying for them. So make sure to keep checking out their blog, again it is

As for myself, this will be my last blog post about a teenage boy wanting a family.

The Lord has certainly opened my eyes having this blog. He has given me such a strong desire to see unwanted orphans find families who want them. I am so thankful for this family who are desiring to adopt Joseph. First off they love the Lord which is a huge plus and they are seeking the Lord's will in all the different obstacles that come with adopting from China.

And again, thank you all for reading my blog and spreading the word about this boy. Without you all, this family may have never heard about Joseph.

So long all you amazing people and God bless, Melissa

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  1. Why stop. Your title is "he justs wants a family" and I imagine there are other boys there that want a family too. You may have started for Joseph but use this to talk about another boy each month that needs a family. Follow up on the o Ed that get matched but don't stop. Keep sharing the plight of the orphans.