Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Joseph the 12 year old orphan

Joseph is an orphan I met while I was in China. He was in my primary class so I pretty much spent a lot of time with him as I was very close with the kids in my class.

Joseph is known as the "Orphan who needs a family soon." Joseph is 12 right now which gives him only 2 more years before he will NOT be adoptable. Adoption Law of the People's Republic in China states that only orphans under the age of 14 are allowed to be adopted. Joseph has 2 more years before he will become an un-adoptable orphan. Two more years.

Like you who are reading it, I kept hearing from the staff at SFCV that Joseph needs a family. I didn't think much about it because I became distracted with other children from the foster home. It wasn't until the adoption liaison told me more about Joseph's situation that I felt like a sword just pierced my heart.

Joseph has been at SFCV for quite a while. He has seen his friends leave with their forever families wondering if his would ever come. When he was younger, he would always ask the adoption liaison when his family would come. I could just imagine him asking, " Why do I not have family yet? Is there a family out there for me? Why don't I have a family?"

Now that Joseph is 12, he doesn't ask why his family hasn't come yet. He tells her this:

"I really want an American family."

This blog is designed to make this boy's Christmas wish come true. This blog seeks to give people a view inside the life of a 12 year old Chinese orphan. This blog hopes to reach out to 

Joseph's forever family.


  1. Great blog idea! Sharing this! Hoping his family finds him soon!!! And through this blog would be awesome!

  2. Aww...Bless your heart for sharing about this sweet boy! I desperately want him to find a family also!!! We are praying that, this will happen...& that this christmas will be one he will remember forever!Blessings!!