Monday, January 2, 2012

Joseph and Friends

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your Christmas time has treated you well. Mine sure was amazing!

Joseph loves being with his friends. Whether it would be playing computers with them, making crafts in his primary class, or playing cards with them. He always wants to be where the action is. I remember whenever I would be playing cards with one of the kids, he would come by and just sit. Even if he didn't play, he just loved being around people. He is very competitive in games but that is another post in itself.
(Hayden, Tim Baker, Elisabeth, Blossom, Joseph, and Philip)

Just recently this picture was posted by Tim Baker (the founder of SFCV), he and his family celebrated Christmas with the older kids of SFCV. It shows Tim with Joseph and four of the older orphans. You can really see the close friendship they all share. It's an adorable picture but I saw something different....It struck me that at this point it looks like everyone of these kids is matched with a forever family except Joseph.

Possibly in the next year, Joseph will have to say goodbye to even more of his close friends while he waits wondering where his forever family is.

Let's pray that 2012 is the year that Joseph's forever family finds him.


  1. Precious Joseph! Praying for his family to step up!!! XO

  2. Where can one find out more about this boy?

  3. This blog is designed for people to get to know more about Joseph. If you want more information about Joseph, i would email
    If you want to learn more about adopting him, I would email

  4. keep advocating for this sweet boy!& We will keep praying!He needs a family!

  5. We are praying too ... wish we were younger and could qualify (our Kate would love to have an older brother and Joseph would be PERFECT!).